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Donald Trump and his social media campaign - extract from a book translation

March 26, 2018



How could the electorate be reached?


Facebook-user profiles received tailormade messages with topics of their political interest based solely on their personality and their psychological disposition which would let them vote for or against a candidate.


The traditional election campaign was discarded in 2016. Kushner backed on a modern pace with sweeping impact. The supremacy in radio and TV wasn’t crucial anymore. The election was won in the social networks. The balance between emotions and the resulting behavior of them was crucial. Today serious communication of election topics and distant communication of slogans don’t lead to the expected outcome. The voter wants to be captured emotionally just as classic product advertisement does. A transmission of pro and contra on the level of our senses. Opinion making over psychology and ratio. A mixture of established information communication and modern propaganda strategy with a seductive character.


The described so-called targeting will find its way into our world more over the years. Even Europe’s parties will use this instrument for themselves and exploit the possibilities of future oriented communication. You can say Kushner and his team were the pioneers in this new form of political communication which will intensify and advance in the next few years.


You can assume that soon personalized information and designation will play a big role in online marketing. The applied technology distinguishes itself through neutrality and will be used basically as a tool that cleverly brings out the wishes and needs of each user. The aspect of artificial intelligence will surely join the conversation in the next few years as well. Intelligent microphone-speakers that will play one of Donald Trump’s slogans each morning on the coffee table. Similar to the idea of super personalized radios reporting the latest news punctually for breakfast.


The new viral technologies also bare the risk of falsehood. Articles are shared without being read or sanity checked. Facebook itself floods timelines with messages without using any filter on them. The USA has a feature called „Trending Topics“. It provides the user with the most important news as rough orientation in the jungle of excessive information. Even here new and shady articles surface every week due to an algorithm.


Donald Trump also revived Twitter. A platform that almost disappeared up until his election campaign. Twitter just couldn’t keep up the charm for its instant messaging anymore. Trump however ran the agenda of CNN and Co with his daily tweets. July 2016 even the pope outed himself as Trump follower.


It’s possible to say that the US election campaign is an indicator that we are about to enter a post-journalistic era. Young target groups can barely be reached through traditional news portals. Young adults get their information and impulses on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat. The established providers just don’t float their boat as much and sure can’t influence the electorate behavior enough.



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